“Longrain” first opened in Sydney in 1999. The food concept is to create the perfect harmony between four essential elements: Hot, Sour, Salty and Sweet. 


Miang Kham

The name "miang kham" translates to "one bite wrap", from miang (food wrapped in leaves) and kham (a bite).
In Thailand, people usually eat as a starter.
※Ingredients will change according to the season.


Filled eggnet, pork, prawns, peanuts

The eggnet is a Thai salad wrapped up with pork, prawn, bean sprouts and full of fresh herbs and served in the net made of egg. Please enjoy it with the cucumber relish.

ポークホック スパイシーキャラメリゼ

Caramelised pork hock, five spice, chilli vinegar

Pork hock is simmered in our master stock for 10 hours until tender.
The pork hocks are deboned and pressed, cut and then crisp fried until crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.
A palm sugar caramel dressing made with the master stock, which has strong flavours of star anise and cinnamon.
The hock is dressed with the caramel and chilli vinegar which gives good balance to the dish.


Char grilled beef flank, crying tiger

The name of this dish comes from "the dipping sauce is so hot it makes a tiger cry" or "so delicious" and "tiger cry ".
It is grilled steak over charcoal with hot and sour dipping sauce.


Green curry prawns

A fresh original curry paste is made with a multiple list of ingredients plus, coconut milk and chicken broth.
Hot and spicy.

リップルアイスクリーム ココナッツソルベ クランブル オートビスケット フィグ

Ripple icecream, coconut and raspberry butter oat biscuit, fresh figs

Figs and hot pink raspberry ripple ice cream. A crumble made from oats, roasted coconut, butter and
palm sugar, resembles a traditional Australian ANZAC cookie.