Opened in Sydney in 1999, “Longrain” is a Thai food restaurant where foods are served with perfect harmony between four essential elements: Spicy, Sweet, Sour and Salty. While serving Longain’s classic dishes, Longrain TOKYO also uses various vegetables and herbs to serve colorful modern Asian cuisines. Also, carefully selected bottles of wine and stylish cocktails are served to pair with the cuisines.


Khao Yum

At Longrain TOKYO, we use seasonal ingredients so our guests can enjoy a variety of Thai dishes. This impactful blue rice is jasmine rice colored with butterfly peas, a plant used in Thai herb teas. Around the rice, comes twelve garnishes, juicy "miso and Japanese pepper marinated salmon", browned "dried shrimps", Asian-style sweet "fresh pineapple", spicy "chili round slices", accented "pickled red onions", etc.
We have also added fresh herbs to give it a refreshing aroma, including mint, coriander, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and chrysanthemum. Mix everything together slowly and you'll start to smell the ingredients.
The dressing is a Longrain original, made with galangal, a type of ginger ofted used in Asian cuisines, garlic, and grated onions.
Before you enjoy the dish, squeese the lime to and blend it with the rice to make it a warm, pink color!


Dinner Course

All Longrain dishes blends 4 important flavor concepts: spicy, sour, sweet and salty. This modern, classic 9-piece dinner course includes a variety of Thai dishes made with seasonal, Japanese ingredients; a total of different 54 dishes in one year.


Seafood green curry

Known to be the dish that's so spicy yet irresistable. Our original green chili base blended with a rich coconut cream and herbs. The true definition of spicy, sweet and aromatic. Ingredients may vary depending on the season.


Pad thai with prawns

Longrain's popular pad thai. Rice noodles and tamarind; a rich yet familiar dish to guests of all backgrounds and age.

ポークホック スパイシーキャラメリゼ チリビネガー 

Caramelized pork hock

Longrain's signature item. Stewed and fried pork shank. Crispy on the outside, melty on the inside. Flavored in caramel sauce and chili vinegar; the perfect dish with a glass of wine or cocktail.

クライングタイガー 牛ハラミ ホット&サワーソース

Crying tiger - hanging tender steak

A dish that's so spicy that makes a tiger cry. Enjoy the spicy grilled meat, garnished with herbs, chili powder and lime soy sauce.